Sarah Schlunegger

Princeton University, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Postdoctoral Researcher


I am a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University’s Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science.

My research focuses on understanding, quantifying and anticipating the impacts of climate change on the ocean. The ocean provides a climate service by absorbing excess heat and carbon from the atmosphere, thereby slowing the pace of rising global temperatures. This service, however, comes at a cost - namely ocean acidification and ocean warming. My research identifies when and where changes in the ocean heat and carbon sinks occur, and when their resulting impacts on marine chemistry and ecosystems will be detectable. I utilize numerical models and observations of the Earth System to assess recent and predict future changes in the global oceans.

Princeton Large Ensemble Archive

Access to and Documentation of the GFDL Large Ensembles as well as select output from the CESM, CanESM2 and MPI Large Ensembles can be found within the "Large Ensemble Archive" tab of this website.


Researchers led by Princeton University examined a range of possible climate-related impacts on the ocean to predict when these impacts are likely to occur. Images from NASA EarthData show ocean color, an indicator of microbial productivity, predicted to show detectable change over coming decades.Image courtesy of NASA EarthData

Sea temperature and ocean acidification have climbed during the last three decades to levels beyond what is expected due to natural variation alone, a new study led by Princeton researchers finds. Meanwhile other impacts from climate change, such as changes in the activity of ocean microbes that regulate the Earth’s carbon and oxygen cycles, will take several more decades to a century to appear. The report was published Aug. 19 online in the journal Nature Climate Change.

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Email: sarah [dot] schlunegger [at]

Office: 304A Sayre Hall, Princeton NJ, 08540

Mailing address: 300 Forrestal Road, Princeton NJ, 08540

Google Scholar: Sarah Schlunegger